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How Implants Prevent Bone Loss
San Antonio, TX

An example of a dental implant at Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD FACD in San Antonio, TXLosing teeth is more common among adults than you may think. While people may lose teeth from injuries, decay, or even natural and medical causes, sometimes we may think that it is just an inconvenience that may be overlooked. Of course, losing teeth impedes how we bite and chew food or even speak. But a much bigger detriment of losing teeth is bone loss. At Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD FACD, our professionals offer dental implants to help our patients prevent bone loss, and other effects that may stem from this situation.

How Does Bone Loss Happen?

Bone loss occurs when we lose our teeth. The jawbone has a certain density and structure that needs to be maintained, and this maintenance is done by the stimulation from the teeth on it. As we chew and use our teeth, the pressure and movement from the teeth stimulates the jawbone, helping it to keep its density and support the teeth in return. When we lose one or more teeth, this stimulation is lost on the jaw. At the point when the jawbone lacks stimulation, it starts receding, losing shape and density slowly, but steadily. This change in shape affects the surrounding facial muscles, causing a sunken appearance.

How Dental Implants Avert Bone Loss

Dental implants are teeth restoration prosthetics that simulate a complete tooth. The implant itself is a tiny post that simulates a tooth root, and is surgically placed into the jawbone. Once it is placed into the jawbone, the jawbone grows around the implant post to hold it in place. After it has completely healed and secured, the other parts of the dental implant are joined to the post to form a complete artificial tooth. When all of these are done, you can use your dental implant tooth as you would your normal teeth. As you use them, stimulations are restored to your jawbone, keeping them in shape and healthy.

Effects of Bone Loss

It is easy to overlook the importance of replacing missing teeth but the effects of bone loss are unfavorable in the long run. When the jawbone begins to lose shape, it shows on your facial appearance, as everything in the area begins to appear sunken. As there is no bone to hold the structure, gums and muscles will begin to shrink. The teeth surrounding the vacant space may also lose their position and start shifting into the space. This will also affect the bite and alignment of your teeth, making it harder to receive teeth replacement options in the future. Moreover, all these effects from the bone loss may also lead to more serious oral health issues.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

As dental implants require a surgical procedure, this makes it a little tricky for everyone to opt for them as a tooth replacement option. Patients who may get dental implants are ones who are in good health medically. Patients who have healthy gums and sufficient bone in their jaw can get dental implants. However, patients who have already suffered bone loss can also get dental implants, but they may require an initial bone graft, a procedure that helps to rebuild the missing bone ratio.

By performing thorough examinations and assessments, our professionals will help you determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. So, do not wait until your bones start receding, learn more from us at Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD FACD today, by calling (210) 408-7999 to schedule an appointment.
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How Implants Prevent Bone Loss - Dentist San Antonio, TX - Joshua Austin, DDS
At Joshua Austin, DDS, our professionals offer dental implants to help our patients prevent bone loss and other effects that may stem from this situation. Call us today!
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