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Dental Examin­ations
San Antonio, TX

Illustration of tooth with reflectionHaving your teeth, gums and surrounding oral tissue examined and reviewed at least once a year is part of having a healthy mouth. By completing consistent and regular exams, we hope to observe changes and catch problems early, before they become serious. Our staff at Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD FACD want to see and track your oral health, it could make a significant difference in both your oral and overall health. A dental examination is recommended to take place twice a year to ensure your teeth are properly taken care of.

Dental exams are a quick and painless step, often completed as part of your regular dental cleaning appointment. We will:
•  Review Digital X-Rays: Besides years of education and experience, digital x-rays is our most important diagnostic tool. It allows us to see areas of the mouth that can not be seen with our eyes, meaning nothing is hidden. Digital x-rays are a huge advancement over traditional film x-rays. Digital format means larger, clearer images. We display these images on a screen near your chair. With these high resolution images we are able to better communicate the problems and then work together to create a treatment plan. Once we are done discussing these images, they are digitally saved to your file where they will never be lost, unlike the tiny slides used in the past. Having saved images allow for easy comparison from previous images, making it easier to note changes. If a second opinion is needed, or if you would like to request your images to be sent to another office, they can be easily shared with the simple click of a button for immediate use. Additionally, digital format requires much less radiation to capture than traditional film x-rays, making an already safe diagnostic inspection even more safe.
•  Visual Inspection: The visual inspection part of the exam is also important to your oral health. Often with a probe in hand, we will visually examine your neck, lips, cheeks, and all soft and hard tissues inside your mouth. We will look for changes or anything unusual in color, texture or the development of growths. We will look for patches of white or red tissue, we will also look for areas of tissue that have thickened or become hard both inside and outside your oral cavity. Inside the mouth, we will examine levels of decay, the development of cavities or caries, or anything else that catches our eye for further inspection. Following this exam, we may discuss treatment, this may be as simple as a fluoride treatment or the application of dental sealants, or we may recommend other treatment and restoration.

Fluoride Treatment

In recent years, patients have questioned the use of fluoride. Fluoride has been proven to assist in the strengthening of enamel. Though our teeth appear smooth, if you were to look at them under a microscope you would see that enamel is a tight mash of minerals. As we use our teeth, pieces are lost, this is known as demineralization, fluoride remineralizes our teeth and rebuilds the enamel. Fluoride should be used only as directed by the American Dental Association, it can be overused. After a treatment patients mouths are healthier and they have a brighter smile.

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Dental Examinations | Joshua Austin, DDS - San Antonio, TX
At Joshua Austin, DDS, our professionals recommend dental examinations to take place twice a year to ensure your teeth are properly taken care of.
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