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Dental Cleaning
San Antonio, TX

Woman smiling after dental cleaning at Joshua Austin, DDS in San Antonio, TXDental cleanings are done to remove both loose and hardened material that may contain decay-causing bacteria. Having your teeth professionally cleaned and examined at least twice a year as part of your recommended dental hygiene routine along with daily caring for your teeth through brushing and flossing as well as being aware of dietary choices. During your cleaning appointment, our hygienist can review decay levels, track gum pockets and provide education or tips for more success in caring for your teeth. Working with our team at Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD FACD, we can help you have a cleaner, healthier mouth. Dental cleanings are done to ensure our patients have the best oral hygiene. Cleanings are recommended to take place twice a year for the best oral hygiene.

There are several steps to a dental cleaning appointment, we will:
•  Measure Gum Pockets: Measuring and tracking your gum pockets is part of the evaluation to determine if your gums are being attacked with disease. As bacteria dips below the gum line causing an infection of the gum tissue, your gums will respond to the infection by pulling away from it, which includes pulling away from your teeth. Healthy gums will measure a pocket of no greater than 3mm. Measurements of 4-6mm is an indication that infection is present and that we need to take steps to remove the source. Being a return patient allows us to compare numbers from past visits, which can help us identify dental problems.
•  Remove Plaque: Plaque is a naturally occurring material that is found inside our mouths. It is made up of saliva and whatever debris it came in contact with. Often this debris is food particles, and with our diets often containing sugar, from treats, bread, pasta and more, plaque often is a blend of saliva and bacteria that feed on the sugar. Plaque is soft and squishy, it settles between our teeth and along the gum rim. You want to remove plaque twice a day, this can be done by aiming your toothbrush toward the gumline while you brush.
•  Remove Tartar: Tartar is plaque that has remained in place until it has dried and hardened. It is often noted by its dark color, patients may report that they have something black on their teeth. Tartar should only be removed by a professional hygienist, patients who attempt to remove it on their own are subject to damaging their enamel. Tartar is often a source for decay on teeth. We want to remove it for the health of the teeth.
•  Scaling Teeth: Scaling is a process that is frequently done on adult patients. Scaling is the removal of plaque from below the gum line. We use a tool known as an ultrasonic scaler, it has a vibrating tip and a directed stream of water to loosen and blast harmful bacteria away. This tool does a great job but will follow it up with a hand scaler tool to ensure that all material was removed.
•  Root Planing: After scaling, we then smooth the roots of the teeth. The roots get roughened up from the plaque, we want to smooth them back down. This process creates a healing response from your body which will help the roots become stronger and healthier.

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Dental Cleanings | Joshua Austin, DDS - San Antonio, TX
Dental cleanings remove materials that may contain decay-causing bacteria. Joshua Austin, DDS we can help you have a cleaner mouth.
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