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How Drinking Acidic Beverages Impact Your Gums

Posted on 1/25/2020 by Office
How Drinking Acidic Beverages Impact Your GumsEveryone loves taking sodas and juices, but have you ever taken some time to assess how they can affect your teeth and gums. Everything you eat will impact your dental health.

Sadly, taking too many acidic drinks will actually lead to the deterioration of your dentition. It all trickles down to the bacteria on your teeth and pH balance. Here is what you should know about acidic beverages and the health of your gums and teeth

PH Balance And Bacteria

Your mouth actually has both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria, also known as probiotics, help with the digestion of food. In fact, others can actually protect your teeth and gums. It is the other bacteria you should be worried about. They feed into food remnants in the mouth and release acids onto your enamel and gum. Once these acids are released, they can lead to the damage of your gum and teeth.

To counter the activity of these bacteria, the mouth typically has to have a balance of pH levels. This is because bad bacteria thrive best in acidic environments, and they can actually lead to the deterioration of your smile. When you introduce an acidic drink into your mouth, you make it easy for these bacteria to survive.

The Effect Of An Acidic Oral Environment

When the mouth is mostly acidic, the active bacteria will start damaging your enamel with the acids they produce. Some of these acids also affect the gum, as well as the rest of your dentition.

The trick is to ensure that you rinse your mouth with some water after taking acidic drinks. Also, avoid brushing your teeth immediately after taking these drinks. While the acids in the drinks and from the bacteria might have weakened your enamel, brushing your teeth will lead to further damage.

Acidic beverages have their benefits, but this doesn't take away from the effects they can have on your dental health. With proper dental care, it should be easy to avoid the above conditions. Consider the tips above to uphold your dental health.
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