What the Spurs taught me about team...

It's been a good month to be from San Antonio. I've had to travel the last few weekends and when people see I'm from San Antonio, they want to talk about basketball. We saw a undervalued team dismantle a highly praised group of individuals soundly. The idea of team basketball became savored by all the talking heads at ESPN and other national media outlets.


Analysts would often bring up all the same points. No one player on the Spurs trumps the good of the team. Everyone on the team roots for the success of the others. The entire roster puts the success of the team above their own wants and desires. Basically, everything that embodies team work, the Spurs put on display during their championship run. It made me evaluate our team here. I can honestly say that I currently have the best team I have ever had since opening this practice.

Leading a team is definitely the most difficult aspect of being a dentist. The dentistry is relatively easy. Its the team management that can really be stressful. We've had plenty of good team members over the years, but the chemistry was never just right. Over the past year, I think we've added the right people at the right times. Just like the Spurs!

Take a look at our Meet the Team page to see the current roster. Here is a nice little run down of why each one of them is so great...

Lorene- Business & Financial Coordinator- Lorene knows more about dental insurance than anyone I have ever met. Generally, she will be the one that greets you when you arrive at the office and will handle all your financial arrangements. She's has worked in the dental industry for years and brings all that knowledge to us everyday!

Yaminee- Dental & Business Assistant- Yaminee is so versatile. She can assist me doing dentistry or handle the front desk on her own. A recent review described her as "ebullient." I had to look that word up, but once I did, I would absolutely agree! (Kidding…I actually did know what ebullient meant…but it would be difficult to look up because I would have no clue how to spell it without auto-correct.) She comes to work every day happy and excited. That is such a great quality.

Tiana- Dental Assistant- Tiana is the newest addition to the team. She is the main dental assistant, assisting me during procedures. We are getting our timing and chemistry down more and more every day. I would relate this relationship to that of a pitcher and catcher in baseball. After awhile, the catcher just knows what the pitcher wants to throw and rarely needs more than one signal to guess. Tiana and I are getting close to that!

Colleen- Dental Hygienist- Colleen joined us last July and I have been so happy to have her on board. Colleen and I share a similar background. Her father is a dentist and a dental educator just like my father was. Children of dentists are "special." It's like a special bond we have. We both understand what its like to have your father projecting slides of teeth and oral surgery on the wall of the den to put together lectures. Colleen has been around dentistry her entire life and her passion for periodontics and dental hygiene is so inspiring. She has been a great addition. Too bad she's an Aggie.

Avni- Dental Hygienist- Avni was actually a patient with us before she started working here. Avni stopped practicing dental hygiene for a couple of years after she started her family. She came to us to care for her dental needs. As we grew, it became apparent that I needed another hygienist to work part time. Avni was a perfect fit. She sees patients on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. It's been such a great fit. She is so laid back and easy going, yet very professional and always prepared. I love having her around.

The Spurs taught me that being a TEAM is more productive than being a collection of individuals. Our current dental team has taught me that I am the least important member of this team. Without our current crew, I could do not focus on the actual clinical dentistry. They lift me up every single day and make this a warm, welcoming dental home for our patients.