Spread the word!!!


We understand that visiting the dentist is not fun for many people. Our hope is that we can make the time you do have to spend with us as easy, relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

We hear from many of our patients that they have enjoyed the service they received during their visit. Our response to this is two fold. First off, thank you! We love feedback and hearing that we have helped ease anxiety or brighten aday. Secondly, spread the word! If you know of anyone who could benefit from our services, we would appreciate you giving them our information. Another way of spreading the word is through internet reviews. There are many sites that house reviews for dentists, but several are more notable. Here are some of the sites that you could use to spread the word about us if you so desire!

1) Our Google Places page. A Google or GMail ID is required to review.

2) Dr. Oogle. A username and password must be set up to review.

3) Yelp. Like the other sites, Yelp requires a username and password set up to review.

4) Facebook. Most people already have a Facebook account in place. ”Like” our page and you can leave a review!

We understand that your time is valuable and you may not have the time to set up an account and leave a review at any of these sites, but if you do feel so inclined the sites above are great places to do so.

In addition to reviews, we are always open for feedback. If you have any feedback for our team, please do not hesitate to share it with us. Dr. Austin can be reached via email here.