Dr. Austin's Super Bowl Predictions


As has been stated on this blog before, I love the Super Bowl. It's my favorite holiday. Yes, I think the Super Bowl is an American Holiday. It fits all the requirements. Family and friends get together…check. Special foods associated with it…check. Deserted highways and shopping centers after it starts…check. So in that vein, it's a yearly tradition here at our dental practice for me to make my Super Bowl predictions and broadcast them here and on various social media outlets for all to see. Sometimes I nail it…sometimes I'm way off. I wouldn't recommend taking these to Vegas, but here they are none the less.

Various prop bets:

-How long will the singing of the National Anthem take: Over/Under 139.5 seconds. Take the over. The singer is opera singer Renee Fleming. Opera. No way she goes under. When will the nation as whole ever have their focus on her again? She's a lock for the over.


-Number of times Peyton Manning says OMAHA! during the game: Over/Under 28.5. I say take the under. OMAHA! has taken on a life of its own. Theres been so much breakdown by the media of what it means and what the team does when Manning barks it out. Manning hates that kind of stuff. The point of him audibling like that is to throw off the opposing defense. Now that everyone including my 71 year old mother knows about OMAHA!, I think he switches it up and changes the audible scheme. Plus, with two weeks off in between the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl, there has been plenty of practice time to phase in whatever obscure midwestern city name he decides to change it to. We might get a couple of OMAHA!'s here and there…but I think 29 is a reach.


-Color of the Gatorade dumped on head coach of the winning team- Take orange at +450 (meaning the payout on a $100 bet is $450). No Gatorade bath is running even money at the moment. No way. I don't care how cold it is, the winning coach is getting a douse. Both chicken broth and hot chocolate are running at +5000. I have a hard time seeing anyone dumping hot liquids on their coach. Seems like a law suit waiting to happen.


My game prediction:

In my last blog entry, I wrote that my two favorite teams are facing off in this year's game. I love the Seattle Seahawks. I drink my coffee from a Seahawks Tervis tumbler every morning. I also really like the Broncos and have since I was a kid rooting for John Elway. All that being said, I had a hard time predicting this game. Waiting for an accurate weather forecast was the biggest obstacle. Now that we see it will be a cold but clear night, I have to think the advantage swings to Denver. Usually in a match up of great defense versus great offense, I would go defense. But this year seems like it has been destined to be Peyton Manning's year from the very outset. I think its hard to bet against him at this point. I think Denver wins, in a close game.

Denver 27-Seattle 23

I'll be disappointed in the Seattle loss, but will find solace in watching Peyton get his second ring in his over-rated brother's house.

MVP: Peyton Manning. If you pick Denver to win, you have to take Manning as MVP. I don't see any other scenario playing out. If Seattle wins, any number of Seahawks could be the MVP. Not for Denver. If Denver wins, Peyton Manning is going to OMAHA!…I mean Disney World.

So there you have it…my picks for Super Bowl 48. Take them with a grain of salt. If you are a patient of our practice, awesome! We love you!!! If not, how many other dentists do you know that publish their Super Bowl picks on their blog? Like I always say….we're a little different than most dental offices. And different is good!